A guide to buying cheap golf trolleys online

A golf trolley is an important piece of equipment for any serious golfer. Not only are they comfortable for transporting your golf clubs around, they also ease the load on your body, thus allowing you to focus all energy on playing shots. Trolleys come in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets, and the following is a guide to buying cheap golf trolleys online.

There are many bargains to be found online and cheap golf trolleys are readily available at internet stores like www.onlinegolf.co.uk and www.direct-golf.co.uk. These stores offer trolleys from as little as £24.99, which includes free delivery within specified UK regions. Onlinegolf.co.uk also offers a 30-day money back or exchange guarantee on unused goods you are not satisfied with.

If you are one for the latest equipment then Protrolley.com offers some great deals on cheap electric golf trolleys. For just £247, including free UK delivery, you can be the envy of your golf companions.

Like any online purchase, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing and also your buyer’s rights. This is especially important should you choose to purchase from private sellers on Ebay. Although often the place for the biggest bargains it also comes with some risk. If in doubt, search for sellers in your region and ask to view the trolley before committing to buy.

For all online purchases, should you prefer to see the product beforehand then you could drop into your local American Golf store. Here you can check out the product for usability and then order from the online store of choice at a discounted price.

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