Where to find cheap adidas cricket bats

After extensive research, there are a few websites that offer quality, cheap Adidas cricket bats, offering some great discounts on the normal retail price.

prodirectcricket.com is one site which offers very competitive prices on the popular Adidas range. The Adidas Pellara range in particular are being sold at great prices depending on the quality of willow you require. The 'Adidas Pellara club cricket bat' is being priced at £105.99 which is a great discount of  £44.00 from its usual retail price of £149.99. The Pellara range is a highly popular range due to its excellent design and reliable quality making it one of the best bats available in the market.

The biggest discount from the Pellara range is on the elite cricket range which is priced by prodirectcricket at £229.99, £100.00 cheaper than its previous price of £329.99. You may be thinking, despite being a lot cheaper, it's still very expensive compared to a lot of other cricket bat makes. Indeed you are correct, but the Adidas range is made of fantastic English Willow which is reliable and the very best quality. Of course Adidas being a huge brand also allows them to charge considerably more than independent brands who are trying to compete.

The 'Libro' and 'Incurza' ranges of the Adidas brand are also at very similar prices with the only difference being that of the specification, it's up to you to decide which of the Adidas bats is most suited to your style game.

Another site for cheap Adidas cricket bats is milletsports.com, a website I have referenced in previous articles. Despite it not being as cheap as prodirectcricket, it still provides competitive prices and is renowned for offering a great and efficient service. The Pellara club cricket bat can be purchased from milletsports for £119.99, 20% cheaper than the RRP of £150.00.

The last site we would recommend would be Barringtonsports.com which has an wide range of adidas cricket bats at low prices. The Pellara club bat which we are using as a comparison is valued at £112.50 by Barringtons, 25% off the retail price.

There are certainly sites out there where you can find affordable Adidas cricket bats and you are urged to consider the prices from the websites listed, this article should help establish where to find the Adidas cricket bat you wish, at a competitive price.


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