Champions will be Ab Fab

Du du du du, the Champions! Yes, it's that time of year again. The Champions League is back tonight! What does new England gaffer and man bag carrier Fabio Capello think?

Both the tabloids and the broadsheets give equal space to the Italian's Mystic Meg style predictions. We'll pit our wits against Fab's forty plus years in football and give our own two pence worth while thinking of as many bad puns on his name as humanly possible.

Chelsea vs Olympiakos

Don Fabio warns Chelsea not to take anything for granted against the Brazilian, no sorry, Greek challengers Olympiakos. Drogba or Anelka? Or both? Fab just can't make his mind up. And neither can we! He talks up the return of Lamps and JT but they've both been rested. We think Olympiakos could cause an upset.

Liverpool vs Inter Milan

Fab tips the Reds of Merseyside to bounce back against Inter after Saturday's humiliating defeat to Barnsley. He thinks Liverpool's tactical nous could see them cause an upset against Ibrahimovic and Co. We're not so sure.

Arsenal vs AC Milan

The Fabmeister reckons that we'll see a different Arse from the one spanked on Saturday at Old Trafford. The Gunners speed and movement could cause problems for AC's geriatrics at the back. We agree with Fabio.

Lyon vs Manchester United

Don Fabio is tipping Utd to go all the way this year. The 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, Ronaldo's form and the hammering that they gave Arsenal on Saturday all have the Italian convinced that Utd'll be Fab. We agree. What do you think?

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