The Champions Poker League

The Champions Poker League is the number one  free to play Pub and Club Poker. There are always huge prizes to be won so people just can't get enough of the League.

All you have to do too get involved is register with the Champions Poker League. To do this simply hit up one of their many venues dotted across the UK. You will have no problem finding something near by as they have so many areas covered. Once you have registered you are allowed start playing pretty much right away.

They play a few varieties of games but many you are talking Texas hold'em. If you are new to poker they even have a handy guide on how to play poker. This will take you through all of the rules and even offer some tips and tricks to ensure that you get started off on the right foot.

The championspoker.co.uk website has everything you need to get started in the world of poker so be sure to check it out. As far as games go they have listings of when each event will start and also how long the tourneys last. If you want to stay in the know then be sure to check in with this great website.

They literally put millions of prize money on the line between each venue so there is always a possibility of winning big! It is obvious why the Brits can't get enough of the Champions Poker League. Check them out online and see if you can get involved.

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