Champions poker league

The champion's poker league has been running since 2006 and has firmly established itself as one of the largest pub poker leagues in Britain, with hundreds of pubs and clubs participating up and down the country.

It currently offers the biggest prize pool in UK pub poker and has up to £90,500 up for grabs each year. Due to its devotion of the pub poker scene, the Champions Poker League has gained the support of several pub chains. This includes Enterprise Inns which has chosen them to run their own pub poker league, which is called PokerPockets.

This league forms part of the Champions Poker League and their points are added into the main league’s leaderboards. If you wish to get involved, they have a useful search feature on their site to find the nearest venue to you. To join the league, all you need to do is drop in to any Champions Poker League venue and start playing straight away.

It is possible to track your progress online using the 4 digit pin, which will be provided for you when you become a member. In the member's section, you can track you and your friend's progress online as well as a number of other features.

At the end of every quarter, they hold multiple quarterly finals across the country. They compete for a prize pool of up to £2250, with 12 places paid. In addition the top 10% of players from this tournament compete in the yearly National Final. At this tournament the players compete for a £10,500 prize pool and buy-ins to high profile poker tournaments. For more information, visit championspoker.co.uk.


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