Champions League semi final tickets: your way to the finals

The 2012 UEFA Champions league finals is set for May 2012 in Germany. Expected to be nothing short of memorable, the tournament's final will be hosted in the nearly 70,000 capacity Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany; home stadium of Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich.

The Allianz Arena, which will be referred as "Fußball-Arena München" during the course of the tournament, is an architectural design masterpiece and the first stadium in the world to feature fully changing colours outside. It is,undoubtedly, a fitting arena to host the spectacular event.

Road to the UEFA Finals

The Champions league tournament comprises of four distinct stages:

  • Qualifying stage - Comprises of three qualifying rounds where teams play each other twice (home and away). The team with the higher aggregate goals qualifies for the next round. In the event of a draw, away goals and then penalties determine the winner.
  • Group Stage - 22 automatic entrants to the tournament are joined by ten teams from the qualifying stage. All 32 teams are grouped into eight groups of four clubs each. Teams in each group play each other twice (home and away) and the two best teams in a group, based on aggregate goals rule and away goals rule advance to the knockout stage.
  • Knockout stage - The last 16 teams from the group stages play knockout matches leading up to the semi finals. Knockout stage group winners play two matches (home and away) against knockout stage runners-up. Here, teams must play different teams other than those from their own pool or nation. Rules similar to those applied in the qualifying stage determine the four teams that book themselves Champions League semi final tickets to play for the ultimate price in the finals.
  • The final – The two winning teams from the semi-final stage compete in the final for the European Champion league cup, Europe's most coveted football trophy. Along with the European Champion Club’s Cup,the winning team also wins bragging rights to the title: Best football club in Europe.

The 2011 UEFA Champions league final saw FC Barcelona win the European Champions league cup against Manchester United in one of the most thrilling games in recent history. Brace yourself for a more tantalizing season as FC Barcelona starts its championships league title defense in May, 2012!

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