About the Champions League Poker website

Champions League Poker is a website for online poker players to meet up and chat about the games they have played, money won and lost, the online poker clients they like to use and their favourite variant of the game.

To access the community areas of the site, including the forum, requires the reader signing up as a member. Signing up is a simple process with the reader completing a short form detailing their email address and the level of poker skill they would class themselves as having (beginner,average, fairly good, professional).

Once the reader has signed up they will receive a regular monthly newsletter giving them a round-up of the biggest stories from the pokerworld, the best promotions available and invites to exclusive Champions League Poker tournaments where the prize fund is a guaranteed £2,000.

While the Champions League Poker forum is a platform for members to discuss the many different poker clients available, for example PartyGaming and 888.com to name but a few, the website itself endorses PokerStars as its poker platform of choice. It favours PokerStars as it is the largest poker website in the world and gives amateur players the opportunity to play against, and perhaps even beat, world famous professional poker players, including ‘Kid Poker’ himself Daniel Negreanu.

Should the reader feel that they would like to educate themselves about the many different variants of the game of Texas Hold’em poker before they head over to a site such as PokerStars to play for the first time then there is a section on the Champions League Poker website which provides a detailed summary of the game including how to play and the betting options available.

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