Champions League Final Tickets - Manchester United v Barcelona

Football final tickets

Manchester United take on the reigning European champions Barcelona in this years final - a fitting climax to the season as the English champions take on the Spanish champions.

Unless you have attended every Manchester United game since 1986, you are probably unlikely to be selected to get tickets from the club! The demand for Champions League Final tickets is incredibly high, especially with this year's final being at Wembley.

Package Deals

If you were not one of the lucky fans who already has a ticket, then there are options of buying a package deal, which includes travel, accommodation and a match ticket. Although, the price of the package will more than likely be in the £1000s.

Thomas Cook Sport were offering a ticket with coach travel from Manchester, but these have now sold out, and just the option of coach travel is available for £39 for those with a ticket but no means of transport.

Ticket Agency

Many die-hard football fans will follow their team at any cost - that includes paying over the price of face value for the tickets. UEFA have priced the tickets for this years Champions League final from £80 to £300. But many tickets agencies will have tickets for sale at higher values. If money is no object then check out championsleagueticketserivce.com for the chance to buy tickets ranging from £1,980 to £4,290. The latter price includes 2 nights stay in a 4* London hotel along with a Category 1 ticket.

Corporate Boxes

If you are Wembley Box Member, you can secure a place in one of the corporate boxes for the Champions League Final for a mere £4000 per person! There will be around 3,000 corporate packages available for the Wembley showpiece final.

The final takes place on Saturday May 28th - so there is still plenty of time to make arrangements to purchase those all important Champions League Final tickets. Good Luck!

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