UEFA Champions League Final tickets

UEFA Champions League Final tickets are highly sought after. The competition is one of the premier football events typically takes place at the end of May each year and is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, with a television viewership of over 100 million. Getting a ticket for the final is extremely difficult and subject to various rules and conditions.

Timeframe and Location

The final is typically played towards the end of May, and ticket sales generally start approximately three months in advance of the game.

The final game is hosted on a rotating basis between different clubs throughout Europe. For example, Wembley Stadium, London, was home to the 2011 final and the Football Arena in Munich, Germany, is host for the 2012 final.

Details about final ticket sales and the application process are generally posted on the official UEFA website a few weeks before the tickets go on sale.


Ticket sales for most games are sold through each football club, but the tickets for the final are also arranged directly by UEFA. The two finalist clubs have the vast majority of the tickets reserved for them and can sell them according to local club rules. For example, some clubs open up tickets for season ticket holders to purchase. Each team is entitled to an allocation of approximately 25,000 tickets.

Another general allocation of tickets -- approximately 11,000, depending on the size of the venue -- is available to the general public through UEFA. The organisation aims to prevent ticket touts, and purchase of tickets in large quantities is prohibited for this reason. Interested members of the general public can typically apply for up to two tickets each from the total general public allocation.

No tickets are available through brokers, and anyone banned from stadiums is also prohibited from applying for a ticket. Each applicant is cross-checked against police data to ensure these policies are enforced.

An application period -- typically lasting for three to four weeks -- is determined each year for the public to apply for champions league final tickets. Some "youth package" tickets are also available for pairs of children and adults.

After the application period closes, the final allocation of tickets is decided through a lottery process. Successful applicants will be notified by email and receive their tickets by mail by the end of April.

Any remaining tickets are retained by UEFA for distribution to broadcasting and corporate partners.


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