Cesc Fabregas is Steve Jones

You heard it here first – Arsenal’s prodigious midfielder Cesc Fabregas is, in truth, Steve Jones the Channel 4 presenter. We don’t know how he does it but the Welshman, linked with a string of beauties and Pamela Anderson, is masquerading as Arsene Wenger’s latest protégé.

What do you mean – nonsense? Ask yourself this: has Steve Jones ever interviewed Cesc Fabregas? No. And you never see them in the same room together either, do you?

 It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been duped. What do we mean? Well, all we’re saying is – you’ll never see the President of Iran making a speech when Roy Keane is home or away with Sunderland. Nudge, nudge.

Got any other good footie lookalikes?

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