Celebrity fans

All kinds of people are fanatical about sport – including those rather odd celebrities we hear about from time to time in the popular press.

Robbie Williams is a dyed-in-the-wool Port Vale fan – recently snapping up £260,000 of shares. What’s it like to own nine-tenths of not a lot, we wonder?

Peter Doherty used to write the QPR fanzine until he, well, didn’t any more. Sniff.

Then there’s Jack Nicholson who likes the LA Lakers basketball team. And Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones guitarist) who is a big Jimmy White-ophile.

You probably knew all that already. But did you know Timmy Mallet is an Oxford United fan? Or that Meatloaf supports Hartlepool United?

Check out the Beeb’s list of celeb fans to see if you can spot your team and its unlikely admirers. The list says Noel Edmonds is a Hammers fan, but we’re hoping that’s a misprint.

(Image: from YouTube)

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