Long forgotten, what of the Cawsey golf club maker?

Little information remains about the Cawsey golf club maker so we have to surmise what we can from the small amount of detail available.  A Harry Cawsey golf club was auctioned at Sotheby's recently. It sold for $500 to an unnamed collector. Sadly collectors and antiques dealers are all who are interested in such memorabilia these days.

The Cawsey golf club that sold was a Cawsey design-registered Spli-Sok splice-socket head brassie from circa 1914, just two years after Harry Cawsey was a semi finalist in the British PGA matchplay Championship. The club in question had a golden blonde bulger head made of wood with a tightly grooved face marking. There was a Vulcanite insert to the leading edge of the sole and a triangular brass soleplate and lead backweight.The neck was attached by  a splice socket joint, giving the model its name. The shaft was made of hickory and stamped with H Cawsey, Spli-Sok. Cawsey golf clubs crop up now and again in sales of golfing equipment and memorabilia but otherwise cannot easily be found. Harry Cawsey, golf club maker is long confined to the archives apart from when these artefacts surface.

Perhaps more well known is George Cawsey who became a professional designer and architect of nine hole golf courses, and an expert in greenkeeping and maintenance of the courses. The Cawsey family are well known in golfing circles, but more these days for playing and course design rather than as a golf club maker. If you do stumble across one of these clubs however, we are sure you will agree that it is a rather beautiful thing.

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