Want to find out about Cawsey golf club maker?

Sadly little information remains about the originator of  the Cawsey golf club maker. Harry Cawsey was perhaps the best known of this family, member of Sunningdale Golf Club  and a semi finalist in the British PGA Matchplay Championship in 1912.

This was a match play tournament that began in 1903 and continued until 1979. Until 1969, the tournament was sponsored by The News of the World newspaper and was often referred to by the paper's name. Initially organised as the championship of British professionals,the event came to include invited professionals from other countries,particularly from around the Commonwealth. For many years the event boasted the richest prize fund in British golf and pre-First World War was considered to be a major championship since at this time British professional players were thought to be the bestgolfers in the world.

The Cawsey family were a strong golfing family, heavily involved in the local golfing scenes. Ernest Cawsey was a founding member of the Worcestershire Professional Golf Association and George Cawsey went on to be an outstanding architect of golf courses and expert on maintaining the green and courses.

In recent times, a Cawsey golf club has been auctioned at Sotheby's. Designed by Harry Cawsey in around 1914, this Spli-Sok or splice-socket head brassie was sold for $500. Made from wood with a Vulcanite inlay, this would have been cutting edge technology in its day. Now of course it is considered valuable only to collectors or antiques dealers.

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