Cav: the greatest sprinter ever?

The British Isles have always been pretty nuts about their sport: from football to cricket via snooker, there's barely a sport that we don't have a huge audience for. However one thing we're not particularly interested in is cycling, and that's a bit of a shame, as not only is it quite an interesting sport, we also have the one of the greatest sprinters of all time tearing up the road – Mark Cavendish.

That's the opinion of his countryman David Millar, who poured the accolades on Manxman Cav after he won the 20th Tour de France stage of his career and the green jersey, the first Brit ever to do so. But how much interest is their in his achievements? Hardly any. That's a shame, says Millar.

'The UK needs to understand we have one of the greatest of all time,' Millar said to the BBC. 'At the moment, he's the UK's greatest athlete. He is probably the greatest sprinter in the history of cycling.

'It's sad that it's not appreciated to the degree it should be. In France, Belgium and Italy, he is like David Beckham.'

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