Casillas celebrates victory with a kiss

Spain captain Iker Casillas celebrated his team’s World Cup victory last night by planting a smacker on the lips of his journalist girlfriend Sara Carbonero during a live interview.

The Real Madrid keeper managed to keep his composure for around half a minute of questions before the moment got the better of him and he grabbed Carbonero in his arms and kissed her live on air to a chorus of cheers from his teammates.

The scene marked something of a turn-around for Carbonero who had been bizarrely blamed for Spain’s shock 1-0 loss to Switzerland in their opening game of the tournament. The TV reporter had been spotted standing near Casillas’ goal before the game and later during a live interview asked her squeeze how Spain had managed to make such a mess of the first game.

However, with Spain’s first ever World Cup in the bag all has been forgiven. Ever the professional Carbonero brushed herself down after receiving the smacker from the World Cup winning captain and got back to work.

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