Carlos' Coronation Speak

Hey, isn't it funny when you see foreign footballers being interviewed on the telly and they're struggling to speak English? No! It's not, you xenophobic little bugger. Well, Carlos Tevez's mother tongue is Spanish and he's reportedly using the unorthodox method of watching Coronation Street to help improve his English.

The Argentinean footballer who has been in the UK for 3 years and is currently plying his trade at Manchester City watches the northern telly soap after his team mates suggested it would be a good way to help him learn the language.

‘I like I like’ said the striking half-pinter to Football Punk magazine. ‘I don't understand some things because of the language, but it seems very good.’

It’s also been rumoured that Brazilian footballing ace Robinho who plays for Manchester City picked up his English from ‘The Street’ too.

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