Shop around for Carling Cup football tickets

England's second tier cup competition doesn't quite enjoy the same pulling power as the FA Cup or Premier League. That means it can often be easy to obtain Carling Cup football tickets without having to go through the arduous process of acquiring membership that is required for many Premier League games. It can be the ideal opportunity for kids to see the big teams in action for the first time.

For example Manchester United (manutd.com) tickets for most Carling Cup games can be bought direct from the website. Lowest ticket prices are £28 for adults, or £14 for OAPs and 16-17 year olds, £10 for juniors. United tend to field a lot of fringe players in these matches, but it is still a great opportunity to sample the Old Trafford atmosphere.

At Arsenal (arsenal.com), Carling Cup tickets go on general sale after members have first pick. For most games there is plenty of availability as members prefer to save their cash for the big Premier League and Champions League matches.

It is possible to pick up tickets at an online exchange like ticket4football.com, or an online agency like onlineticketexpress.com. Don't be too ready to part with substantial markups on the normal ticket price though, as most Carling Cup games can be seen without paying inflated prices.

For Carling Cup Final football tickets you can pre-book your seat at Wembley on February 26 2012 at livefootballtickets.com. Their tickets are priced at prices ranging from £185.25 to £427.50. Those prices may drop somewhat if none of the glamourous clubs makes it all the way to the final.

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