'Careless' Manchester United draw with Basel

Manchester United might have been drawing plaudits for their breathless attacking play so far this season, but at the back they still leave much to be desired: they chucked away a two-goal lead last night against FC Basel in the Champions League, and they could have even lost, prompting Alex Ferguson to chide the 'carelessness' of their defending.

United drew 3-3 thanks to a 90th minute equaliser from Ashley Young, who headed home at the far past, but that only leaves United with two points after two games. And if they carry on defending the way they have been there are no guarantees that they will go through to the knock-out stages.

'I thought there was a carelessness about us throughout the game,' said the United boss. 'The attacking part of our game was very good at times and there was some good football, particularly in the first half.

'There was a carelessness that cost us, though, and Basel could have scored three goals in the first half. I suppose you could say it was a welcome to European football for some of them but we were lax for most of the game.

'We've not had a settled defence but there was still enough quality in the back four and with Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra it was very experienced. We played too many players forward and by doing that there were so many gaps in midfield to the back four. If we had concentrated on the back four we might not have had the problems we had.'

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