Capello to step down after Euro 2012

Fabio Capello has confirmed that he will step down as England manager after Euro 2012 hinting that he may retire from football altogether.

The majority of fans and journalists were calling for the Italian to quit following England’s embarrassing World Cup exit, however, Don Fabio made it clear that he wanted to see out the remaining two-years of his contract.

When quizzed if he would leave the post after Euro 2012 Capello replied: ‘Absolutely. Yes. We have to qualify first of course but after that I will be too old. I want to enjoy my life as a pensioner.’

England have thankfully made a good start to their Euro 2012 qualifying campaign with a 4-0 home win over Bulgaria on Friday followed by a 3-1 away victory over Switzerland last Tuesday.

Although Capello appears to have earned himself a temporary reprieve from the tabloid vitriol spewed his way in the wake of the 4-1 defeat by Germany, candidates to be the next England manager are being talked up already.

Harry ‘Not a Wheeler Dealer’ Redknapp is the favourite of the jingoistic hacks on Fleet Street, but an alleged unresolved issue with the taxman could put the kibosh on that ever coming to fruition.

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