Capello speaks sense

Ab-Fab (aka the England manager) has said what everyone has been thinking for ages. Let us paraphrase: Many England players behave atrociously at their day jobs. They are disrespectful to their opponents. They argue with referees. In short, they are poor role models to everyone else who plays the game. Go and watch any Sunday league match and you’ll see the results.

So Ab-Fab says that, unless certain players clean up their act and show some professional decorum, he will overlook them for the role of England captain. If you’re not a model professional, you’re not captain material. He’s looking for the next Bobby Moore, not an over-paid hooligan who just happens to be a good footballer. Fabio, we salute you. It’s about time someone said it.

Good luck tonight, lads. And good luck to Rio as skipper.

(Image: from YouTube)

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