Capello set to recall Robinson

According to The Guardian Fabio Capello has been impressed the 'renaissance' of Spurs' keeper Paul Robinson and looks set to recall him to the England squad for next week's friendly against France in Paris.

What has Robinson done to deserve such journalistic hyperbole? Saved a string of penalties in the shoot out against PSV in the Uefa cup? No, he's got his place back in the Spurs' first team. The England goalkeeping situation really is a sorry state of affairs. Fabio is an art lover, so we're going to needlessly continue with the lazy art history analogy.

For centuries England enjoyed a golden age in terms of goalkeeping talent, from Banks, Clemence to Shilton right up until the fall of David Seaman to the Brazilian and Macedonian Visigoths. Since then England has been plunged into its own goalkeeping Dark Ages. Step forward Martyn, Calamity, Richard 'where is he now?' Wright, Kirkland, Mrs Robinson and Carson.

But according to the Visari of football, Sir Alex the Ferg, there's a new goalkeeping Giotto in town and his name is Ben Foster. The Man Utd youngster will be "England's No1 for the next 10 years", according to Lord Alex of the Ferguson.

Also, the Duccio of Manchester, Joe Hart, has impressed Capello with his use of perspective between the sticks for City this year. So, hopefully Fabio and English football can look forward to the rebirth of the golden age of English goalkeeping. If not there's always Russell Hoult.

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