Capello: no player is safe from the chop

Despite England's best ever start to a World Cup qualifying campaign, Fabio Capello has issued a warning to his players that no one is safe from the chop.

With England's next qualifier in six months time, Capello has said that he will experiment in friendly games in an attempt to blood new players.

'I did a lot of experimenting in the friendly matches,' Capello told reporters. 'That is what they are for. In the next three games I will experiment again. I need players with confidence, players that play more games with the seniors.'

The Italian has also received a glowing endorsement from David Beckham who hailed Capello as the best England manager he has ever worked with: 'He is a manager who knows how to win. If the players are working hard for him, and professional and serious about everything, he's a great manager to play for.'

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