Capello looks set to give Beckham his 100th cap

David Beckham is set to pick up his 100th cap after being recalled to the England squad. The erstwhile England captain was named in Fabio Capello's provisional 30-man squad for next week's friendly against France.

Thank god for that. Now Don Fabio can hand Becks his 100th cap next Wednesday, say thanks for the music and wish him the best for his future career in Hollywood, while the people over at 100caps.org and their 222 supporters can finally sleep easily in their beds.

Football news now. Paul Robinson's understanding of perspective, proportion and space in the Spurs' goal hasn't been enough to earn him a recall to the England squad. Instead it looks like David 'I can't believe he's not butter' James will be picking the ball out of the England net until he's at least 55.

Capello has also found room for the uncapped Gabriel Agbonlahor and David Wheater as well as Arsenal's Theo Walcott whose girlfriend Melanie got two Bs and a C in maths, psychology and biology in her A-Levels. Well done Melanie.

Capello's major headache is up front where, apart from Jermain Defoe's six in six for Portsmouth, England's forwards couldn't pot in a brothel (well maybe that's not the best analogy). Owen is struggling for relegation battlers Newcastle with only four goals in 2008, Rooney can claim only one better, while over on Merseyside, Benitez seems to have fallen out of love with Peter Crouch.

Then there is the captaincy conundrum. The mob want panem, circenses and Stevie G as England skipper. But there have been Chinese whispers about Capello handing the armband to Gareth Barry, which presumably would leave Frank Lamps to take up the role of official England mascot.

Provisional England Squad: James (Portsmouth), Carson (Aston Villa), Kirkland (Wigan); Bridge (Chelsea), A Cole (Chelsea), Johnson (Portsmouth), Terry (Chelsea), Brown (Man Utd), Lescott (Everton), Ferdinand (Man Utd), Wheater (Middlesbrough), Woodgate (Tottenham), Upson (West Ham); Barry (Aston Villa), Young (Aston Villa), Bentley (Blackburn), J Cole (Chelsea), Lampard (Chelsea), Wright-Phillips (Chelsea), Beckham (Los Angeles Galaxy), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Man Utd), Downing (Middlesbrough), Jenas (Tottenham); Walcott (Arsenal), Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Crouch (Liverpool), Rooney (Man Utd), Owen (Newcastle), Defoe (Portsmouth).

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