Capello is FA’s man

Ab Fab news – ex-Real boss is set to take the FA coin and steer England’s golden generation to the same levels of mediocrity and under-achievement as his predecessors.

What do we know about his reign already?

The headlines after his first big win will contain: He’s Ab Fab, Fab-ulous and Fab-dabee-dozy.

Within three weeks of him taking the job, Capello’s credentials will be questioned by a bitter ex-player who was managed by him but got dropped for a three-in-a-bed, coke-snorting indiscretion.

The Sun will run a 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Fab feature, containing great factoids like: Fab’s never won a game against a team starting with Q (let’s hope we don’t get Qatar in the World Cup, eh?).

Plus, The Daily Star will run a feature with a topless glamour model breathlessly telling us she’d ‘really love to work under the sizzling Italian Stallion on perfecting her close ball control…’

We can’t wait.

(Image: from Stoneflower's flickr stream)

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