Cannavaro lashed out at press

Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has decided to take it to the press after he was cleared of any naughty drug shenanigans by CONI, The Italian Olympic committee.

The Juventus defender tested positive for cortisone (which isn’t a banned substance in British football) after a bizarre series of events that led to him being tested, despite the fact that both Juventus and CONI knew that he was been administered the drug to cure a bee sting. Cannavaro had asked for an exemption because of this, but failed to include a document with the application, which in classic Italian style led to the defender being tested anyway. The case has now been dropped by the anti-doping tribunal after CONI told them what had happened. Meanwhile, Cannavaro was labelled a drug cheat by the nation’s press, which annoyed him somewhat.

‘It really annoys me,’ he said. ‘And in case you didn't understand properly I'll repeat that, it really annoys me,’ he said. ‘I have a clean conscience.

‘Someone gets stung by a bee and finds themselves in the paper as if they were a drug user. When it happened I thought I was dreaming. Some newspapers and television stations really exaggerated.

‘I hope these doubts don't follow me beyond today, my career has been exemplary and I have always followed the rules.’

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