Looking For a Campri Ski Jacket?

If you're scouring the Net for a Campri ski jacket, chances are that you owned one in the 70s or 80, or you're after a really retro look this coming winter. These ski jackets were, for the most part, notoriously bright with really bold designs. During the 70s these jackets were manufactured in a nylon fabric, and featured all kinds of zips and studs.  The 80s brought with it bright fluorescent colours and lettering down the sleeves.  The bad news is that it seems these jackets are no longer being manufactured, but luckily Ebay.co.uk still has some of these listed for sale.

A Vintage Campri ski jacket in red is currently listed on the site, and has yet to receive any bids.  This jacket is from the 70s,and features a lot of zipped pockets along with a warm lining.  The original hood and tightening string are still attached, and it still has the Campri logo on the left arm. Shipping for this item is listed at £3.00, and the bidding starts at only £5.00.

The site also has a vintage 80's campri quilted ski jacket for sale. It's a men's ski jacket, size large, and a cream in colour.  The jacket seems quite long and 'puffy' compared to the previous listing.  It is listed at a 'buy it now' price for £39.95 and shipping is free.

There is also a bright purple men's campri ski jacket listed, and bidding starts at £9.99. Shipping will cost the winner £4.95, and the seller will ship worldwide. This jacket has a colorful design on the front and zipped pockets, so if you're looking to stand out this coming winter this is the campri jacket for you!

It's easy to see how Ebay can help bring old styles back into fashion, and this site is a must visit if you're into retro clothing.  Bargains on vintage clothing are in no short supply there!

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