Calm down

England captain Andrew Strauss has said that fans and players at this year’s Ashes need to stop thinking about the miraculous batting display that salvaged a draw in the first test, and to get on with the serious business of retaining the urn on Aussie territory.

Strauss believes that people are getting carried away with the performance at The Gabba, and while it was good, the series is still at 0-0. Basically he is doing the cricket equivalent of ‘let’s take every game as it comes’, and ‘we need to focus on the job in hand, which is winning x for y’. He’s not wrong though.

‘I do notice a difference compared to four years ago, but I think that's dangerous,’ Strauss said. ‘You walk through the airport and people are congratulating you and saying wasn't that wonderful and actually it was a draw.

‘If any of that atmosphere rubs off on the players it's a dangerous thing for us. We want to make sure we start strong. With three back-to-back Tests to finish the series, if you can get your nose in front it's going to be hard for the other side to come back.

‘For us to be jumping up and down and congratulating each other would be a long way off the mark. We are nil-all in the series and we are going to have to improve our performance. We showed a lot of resilience to come back and draw in Brisbane, which is great, but you can't afford to be behind in cricket matches too often because eventually the other team will convert that.’

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