Are You Looking For a Way to Calculate Football Odds Online?

Calculating, or working out ,football odds can be a nightmare, especially if you're really new to sports betting. If you're unsure of what those numbers actually mean, don't worry there are a few sites online that make it easy to calculate football odds and potential bets.

www.betcalc.com is a must-visit site if you're looking for a quick and easy way to work out what the odds really are on a game, and how much you should bet in different scenarios. The site even features other betting calculators, so once you've worked out your odds you can try navigating to different calculators to see how much you should bet. Whether you're into accumulator bets or something a little simpler, there's a calculator for you at betcalc!

The calculator at betcalc allows you to enter odds in the traditional fraction format and quickly shows you the decimal and American versions.  A quick test run of the calculator using odds of 7/4 reveals decimal odds of 2.75 and American odds of 175.00 If you find all these different formats for game odds a little confusing, you're not alone, and online gamblers the world over are using these calculators to make their betting experiences more pleasant.

If you use this calculator you should be able to convert any game odds at any site, so if you're into online betting this is a page you should bookmark.  When you use this site you'll never have to worry about working out the odds manually, or knowing what to bet on a game.

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