Bye-bye Beckham?

So Michael Owen thinks Beckham can still play. Well, Mike, that’s all well and good, being his team mate. It’s great to be supportive, but we’ve got some pretty solid evidence quite to the contrary.

Yes, he is still a very skilful player – his magical right foot can still put a ball in the back of a net – we’re not doubting that. But in the context of a match, well, that’s just the thing – we don’t really know – he hasn’t exactly played one for a while…

He spent most of his time in America on the bench and in the most recent England match he was replaced in the 63rd minute. (Oh yeah – and we lost.) Dare we say it, but he’s had a pretty good innings with his landmark 100th cap, maybe he should think about retirement?

It seems we’re all still a bit caught up in Beckhamania – it’s never nice to say goodbye to a national hero – but let’s face it, we’ll still be seeing him on billboards for time to come – albeit out of his kit and in his pants…

(Image: from YouTube)

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