Buying women's running trainers

Female runners will no doubt know the difficulties of finding well-fitted women's running trainers. After all, there are so many to choose from that it's often hard to know where to start.

Firstly, it is worth bearing in mind that a pair of running shoes that are perfect for one person may in fact fit dreadfully for another. This is not surprising, as feet come in all different shapes and sizes, though of course there are certain brands that receive better reviews than others. However, there are other aspects that women should take into account when buying new running shoes, and one of the most important is the shape of the foot.

Aside from choosing a well-fitted shoe, women will also need to find a shoe that caters to the shape of their foot as different shapes call for different needs. For example, women who are flat footed will need a shoe that can offer added stability and shock-absorbancy. If they don't choose a shoe that caters to flat-footedness, what at first may appear to be a well-fitted shoe may fall flat (no pun intended) when it comes to comfort during long-distance running and fast-paced sprinting.

The same goes for women with a high-arched foot. They will need to find a shoe that caters to women who have a very narrow-banded underside so that they do not cause themselves an injury.

The best way to find out your shoe-shape is to carry out the so-called Wet Test. As its name implies, it involves wetting your foot and pressing it on a dry surface so that a footprint is left. You can then determine the shape of your foot and shop accordingly for a shoe that caters to this foot-type.

When buying women's running shoes, do not sacrifice comfort and good design for affordability; you risk injuring yourself or, worse still, suffering long-term damage.

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