Buying FA Cup final tickets 2011?

The FA Cup is the most famous and the oldest domestic league trophy in the world and football fans from all over the globe will be tuning in to watch Manchester City take on Stoke City at Wembley stadium on the 14th of May.

Some footballing pundits have said that in recent years the FA Cup has lost its appeal as the Champions League and Premier League titles are more coveted than it. Couple this with the fact that the final is not being played on a stand alone date, as a full round of Premier League games will be played on the same day, and you would be led to believe that this isn't an important game in modern football. But try telling that to the players and fans of Manchester City and Stoke City!

It has been nearly 35 years since either of these sides won a trophy and for one of them, the long drought will be over. Both sides are in good form with Manchester City defeating rivals Manchester United in the semi final and clinching a place in the Champions League next season while Stoke thumped Bolton 5-0 in their semi final. Every fan from both clubs will be dying to get their hands on FA Cup final tickets 2011 for a game that will surely live up to it's illustrious billing.

Fans can get their hands on tickets from livefootballtickets.com, with a ticket in the Manchester City section costing £427 and a ticket in the Bobby Moore suite costing £665.

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