Where to buy tennis rackets

Did you know that playing competitive tennis burns more calories than most other sports, and also does wonders for your mental health? And the best bit is that all you need is a racket, tennis ball and somewhere to play. To help you get started, we've found a great place to buy tennis rackets.

tennisnuts.com is a fantastic site not only for tennis rackets but all your tennis needs - from clothes, shoes, racket bags, grips to balls and many many more accessories. Whether you are new to the game or play regularly, this is a great site for all your tennis needs.

If you are a beginner, the site has a handy section called “how to choose a tennis racket.” Ensure you read this before buying a racket as it has some really good information to help you along. It explains what you should look for in terms of the headsize, thickness of the beam and weight of the racket and also has instructions for working out your grip size.

Tennis Nuts offer all the big name brands in tennis, including Head, Slazenger, Wilson, Yonex, Babolat and many others. There is a huge range of rackets, but one slight annoyance is that the site doesn’t offer a simple list of rackets by price or size or characteristic - you have to go through each section to find what you want. In our opinion it's worth the hunt because your ideal racket is there somewhere!

You can request a brochure from the site and if you have any queries, drop them an email at sales@tennisnuts.com. They offer next day delivery for the UK - perfect if you're in a rush for a game.


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