Buy snooker cues in Ireland online

Buying snooker cues in Ireland is a great way to get high quality products for less. There aren't that many people selling them online but we did manage to find a great website that's stocked with lots of great snooker and pool cues.

E J Riley opened in 1880 and have been supplying people with quality snooker products ever since. They are Ireland's number one when it comes to snooker pool tables, cue’s, case’s and accessories. This Dublin based store had been selling to visitors of of the city for years but they decided to take their business online to reach out to more customers.

Now you can buy lots of great snooker products directly from the ejriley.ie website. They have a very simple system set up to purchase so just have a look at their products, pick what you like and pay with your credit card, easy!

We recommend the 2pc Cue Case Set Endorsed by Jimmy White. It is currently on offer at only €30 down from €60 and is a top notch cue set. In the set you will get a BCE Jimmy White Snooker cue and a  Pool Cue with a really nice cue sleeve to carry it. The cues have a 9.5mm tip size and the shaft is American ash to you should have some really great results with this cue.

You should also check out the two piece set from John Higgins. It's not on offer but it is only €50 and comes with a hard case so you can take it safely in a car boot or on a plane. Again it is ash with a 9.5mm tip.

There you have it, buy your next snooker cues from Ireland for less. With only €6 delivery you can't loose!

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