Button wins Canadian Grand Prix on last lap

Jenson Button is celebrating winning 'the best race of my life' on Sunday at the Canadian Grand Prix, when the 2009 champion came from last to first place, overtaking the world champion and current run away leader Sebastian Vettel in the process.

The race survived the deployment of five safety cars and being red-flagged for two hours, to provide a thrilling climax. But that was after Button survived a clash with Lewis Hamilton on the eighth lap.

An emotional Button said: 'I really don't know what to say. It has been a very emotional three hours since the start,' Button said. 'There was the incident with Lewis, I couldn't see anything when he was alongside me. I have apologised to him.'

'From then on it was a fight. I got a drive-through for speeding behind the safety car so I had to find way through three times. On the last lap I was chasing down Seb and he ran wide on the wet part of the circuit and I took the opportunity.

'It was a fantastic race, even if I hadn't won I would have enjoyed it. An amazing win and possibly my best. Definitely one of those grands prix where you are nowhere and then somewhere. The last lap is the important one to be leading and I was leading half of it. An amazing day, I don't know what else to say.'

McLaren team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, was equally overjoyed: 'We knew he had to put pressure on Sebastian and he made a mistake,' he said. 'From Jenson that's the stuff of champions, that's the stuff of dreams. What a race. Coming through six times from 21st is incredible. He is driving fantastically and we know he deserves it and hope everyone else does too. He just attacked and attacked and delivered a fantastic race.'

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