Burley gets hefty contract

Certain sports journalists are trying to make out that George Burley being given a contract until 2012 is a good thing – a positive sign of the times.

Before we make any comment about that, let’s just say that Big George is a good manager. Scotland have done well to lure him away from league football. Much of the credit for doing so has to go to Alex McLeish for the miracles he worked on a lacklustre squad. If ever anyone deserved to qualify for Euro 2008 it was Alex and his team. That free-kick given against them which led to the winning goal for Italy in their do-or-die qualifier must still set Scots’ teeth on edge.

Anyway, long contract for George. A good thing? Err, hello? How can it be a good thing? Journos are making out that it shows a good deal of faith from the Scottish FA in their selection. Well, four-years’ worth of faith, anyway. A long time in football but not in pretty much every other area of business. You don’t see Shell appointing a new MD but only give him/her a four-year contract. The whole system of football contracts is a sham. No one, if they don’t want to, sticks to their contract. And no one will sign one that forces them into any concrete obligations. It’s a farce and a blight on football.

(Image: from Wouter Verhelst’s flickr stream)

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