After yesterday evening’s sensational news that Andy Gray has been given the sack from Sky Sports, thanks to sexist comments that he and Richard Keys made about a female lineswoman and Karen Brady, as well as new footage of him harassing a female co-worker, some female Sky and former Sky journalists have come forward to talk about just how deep the culture of sexist bullying ran out at Osterley.

The women, who have all decided to keep their identities secret, spoke to the Guardian about how much the crews working at Sky hate Gray and Keys, how they bullied runners (male and female), and how the ‘lad’s club’ atmosphere meant that women were employed primarily as decoration, and that employing people who had no experience but a pretty face contributed to the climate of sexist.

‘I think deep down Richard and Andy are just bullies,’ she said. ‘They bully new men in the game as well. It's how they operate. They don't have many friends there but after 20 years they've always been at the top of the game and earning a ridiculous amount of money, so I guess who's laughing?

‘But they have ruled the roost for a long time and upset people for a long time. They got into bother with someone who had a schadenfreude motive. I am just surprised that you have a broadcaster with experience of 20 years talking like that in front of a mic and not expecting it to get out. It was not the first time they were caught saying things they shouldn't say. They think they can get away with murder. How arrogant.’

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