Bulk buy football jerseys for real savings

Is your club or school team kit beginning to look a little old? When it's time to look for new kit, the expense can be daunting. Shopping online though, if you buy in bulk, new football jerseys can work out very reasonably priced. And in that new kit, players will feel they belong in the Premier League. Or at least the Championship.

The Sportsbulk online store at sportsbulk.co.uk offers quality merchandise from brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas, and are suppliers to the UK Football Foundation. In the last 2 decades they have supplied over 30,000 team kits.

Their Nike Revolution Kit Package includes 15 football jerseys, 15 shorts, 15 pairs of socks and a full goalkeeper's kit. Jerseys are in sweat-wicking Dri-Fit 100% polyester with V-neck collar and embroidery at right chest. The package comes in a choice of 7 colours and costs £460 plus VAT.

The Adidas Squadra II Kit Package has the same number of jerseys and kits, featuring a shaped cut for improved movement, and Adidas Limalite sweat protection. It comes in a choice of 10 colours at £340 plus VAT.

The Maude Sports Clubline Football website at clublinefootball.com is a useful place to buy football kit and equipment for clubs and youth teams.  They offer a wide choice of football jerseys, where you can kit out an entire team (and the substitutes' bench.

It pays to buy in bulk. Football jerseys, made by prestigious brands like Nike, Prostar, Errea, Adidas and Hummel, can be customized to your team design. As an example of prices, an Errea Kos kit, consisting of 15 football jerseys (short or long sleeve), 15 Shorts, 15 pairs of football socks, a goalkeeper kit and a free team kit bag is on offer at just £295.

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