Bruce looks set to be appointed Sunderland manager

Steve Bruce looks set to be appointed Sunderland manager this afternoon provided that the North East club are willing to meet the £3m compensation payment demanded by Wigan chairman David Whelan.

Speaking to Radio Five Live this morning, Whelan spoke about Bruce's future and expects a decision to be made later this afternoon: "I paid Birmingham a compensation fee and I think it is only fair they buy his contract out. I paid Birmingham £3million and I am asking for the same amount back."

Whelan added: "I said to Steve and to Niall that if you are going to do a deal, do it quickly. Niall spoke to me and said 'I understand we can't mess about on this and by Sunday evening we will have a decision for you'."

If Bruce does join Sunderland Wigan will obviously have to start looking for a new manager themselves and Whelan also addressed this point: "I don't want to lose Steve. I really haven't got one (a replacement) in mind at present. It is not something I do - I wait to see what the outcome is and face reality."

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