Broad change

Michael Vaughan has said that he feels Stuart Broad should be England’s next one-day captain, if as expected Andrew Strauss steps down from the position today.

England finished off their winter tour in poor fashion, being walloped by 10 wickets by Sri Lanka and dumped out of the Cricket World Cup, and former England captain Vaughan thinks that having Broad – a bowler – instead of a batsman at the helm could give England a fresh approach.

‘I just think the one-day team might grow under someone like Stuart Broad who plays it pretty tough,’ Vaughan told the BBC. ‘Maybe the one-day team needs a different approach and direction. I think it would be the right move.

‘We may have to change something, go in with a different approach, go in with a different man in the helm - a bowler that bats. I've always felt since the first time Stuart Broad came into the England side under my captaincy, he has some kind of drive and is positive and aggressive.

‘England since 1992 have done very badly in one-day cricket. The last four or five captains have all been batsman and back to 1992 under Graham Gooch. I've always gone on gut feelings and I think England may just favour going with someone who maybe not many people have thought of.

‘Broad wouldn't be a massive gamble. Cook wouldn't let England down, he'd be a decent captain - but I think the England side might grow under someone like Broad.’

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