Brits brawl after Klitschko fight

Boxing endured another embarrassing incident after the Vitali Klitschko v Dereck Chisora title bout in Munich. Chisora clashed with David Haye at a press conference that proved more dramatic than the actual fight.

Chisora had not disgraced himself in the WBC heavyweight title fight against the champion. Klitschko had failed to deliver on his promise to punish Chisora for slapping him at the weigh-in, and the bout had lasted the duration, with Klitschko winning on points.

Events took an alarming turn in the press conference when Haye suggested he was ready to come out of retirement to fight the champion. The volatile Chisora interrupted to suggest that he and Haye might like to arrange a fight themselves.

It happened sooner than he might have intended. Chisora advanced and Haye landed a punch. A violent melee ensued, with Haye swinging a camera tripod. He accidentally injured his own trainer Adam Booth in the confusion. Chisora was heard yelling "He glassed me. I’ll shoot him!"

German police are investigating the incident. Both British boxers were taken in for questioning, with Chisora detained at Munich airport.

In the light of the ugly scenes, Klitschko’s camp seem wise in their resolution to avoid any further meetings with British boxers in the immediate future.

Of course, given boxing’s shameless eye for the commercial opportunity, the incident makes any potential showdown between Haye and Chisora box-office gold. Assuming the boxers do not have their licences suspended or revoked, some promoter will doubtless step in with a lucrative offer.

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