British Olympic Association dismisses Beijing smog fears

Simon Clegg, Chairman of the British Olympic Association, has dismissed fears over the air quality in Beijing. Clegg told the Guardian that smog will not affect the performance of British athletes at the games.

"It's not a concern to us," Clegg told reporters. "The expert advice that we are getting is that the situation continues to improve and the measures put in place are still having a positive effect. We have had three or four days of outstanding blue-sky weather, and we do not think it is going to be an issue."

The BOA's chef de mission instead talked up the quality of the facilities on offer at the Olympic village. "The village is fantastic, absolutely unbelievable - athletes have never had such good conditions as they have here in Beijing."

But it is the heat and humidity rather than the smog which is causing concern for British athletes at the games. With temperatures soaring as high as 35 degrees Celsius, the conditions in Beijing will be especially difficult for distance athletes.

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