Bristol rugby results: the 2011/2012 RFU championship season more competitive

Bristol opened the 2011/2012 RFU Championship season in fine style. They beat Doncaster by five tries to nil and earned a bonus point at Castle Park, but the game was far from easy.

The September 3, 2011 opening Bristol rugby results indicated that the season, going forward, would be more competitive than previous seasons.

Speaking after the opening 2010/2011 RFU Championship 12 – 38 match win, Bristol’s Head Coach Liam Middleton attributed his side’s victory to hard work and an all-round team performance. He had this to say:

“We’ve never beaten Doncaster at Castle Park so we knew what a difficult place it was to come and win. They are a very physical side and I don’t think the result reflects how difficult Doncaster are to beat.”

Referring to the competitive nature of the game, he voiced a warning to other championship sides: “I think a lot of sides will find it tough here [Castle Park] this season.”

Looking Forward to a Thrilling Season Ahead

The Bristol rugby results of the first day of the 2011/2012 season showed a measure of the belief, preparedness and competitiveness that resonate with teams in the championship.

Clubs are keen to improve all round and give their best shot of the title yet. Liam Middleton suggested that work ethics would be key to deciding the side that wins the 2011/2012 championship title when. He said:

“I was really pleased to come away with a win first and foremost [at Doncaster], but the bonus point was great too. It’s a testament to the work ethic of the players right at the death to keep plugging away. Their speed and athleticism was rewarded with two late tries.”

In reality, however, the usual suspects: Leeds, London Welsh, Piratesand Bedford are expected to mount strong challenges for the title. Leeds, in particular, is the team to beat in the 2011/2012 season; although the competition is more open than before with several clubs capable of winning the title.

Any of four or five clubs in the Championship are looking to push for honours, which sets the stage for a thrilling season ahead.

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