Bring 'em on

Arsene Wenger has said that he’d like to face an English side in the quarter finals of the Champions League, after his side gave Porto a thorough 5-0 hiding at the Emirates last night. Wenger clearly feels that right now, with Chelsea faltering and Manchester United maybe about to lose Rooney through injury, is the best time to improve his team’s record about the pair. Arsenal have lost all four games to their principle title rivals this season but find themselves only two points off the lead in the league and into the last eight in Europe.

‘I have a funny feeling that maybe it's good for us to play an English team,’ he said after last night’s match. ‘We have not done well against Chelsea and Man United this year and it would be a good chance to show we can do it against them.

‘What I want to say is that we do not choose Manchester United or Chelsea and maybe if I say, for example, we absolutely do not want to play an English team, I put ourselves already in an inferior position. I believe that maybe it's a good opportunity, if we do get them, to show that we can do well.

‘First of all, I don't have the choice about who we draw. If I have the choice, I would say ‘Yes’ but I don't have the choice. If we do get them, we cannot do worse than we did in the championship. We can only do better.

‘We will take the draw that we get. We do not have to make an obsession … for example, what I do not want is that we make a negative obsession of not playing against Chelsea or not playing against Manchester United. That's all.’

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