Brian O'Driscoll says job is only 'half-done'

Ireland pulled out the performance of the Rugby World Cup so far yesterday afternoon, beating Australia 15-6 in a brutal, barnstorming encounter, putting them top of Pool C and favourites to finish in first place. However captain Brian O'Driscoll says that the job is only half done, and that they can't get ahead of themselves etc. etc.

The Irish will most likely set up a quarter-final clash with Wales if they top the group, a match they would be favourites to win, so the semi-finals are very much in reach. That doesn't mean that fans should be partying just yet, though, as we all know what happens went eggs are counted prematurely. So calm yourself, Emerald Isle, it's a long road yet.

'It is a performance we knew we had in us. We had to dig deeper than we had done in the last five games,' said the skipper. 'We will enjoy this, but let's not forget that we have two more games.

'There were some very passionate words said by guys who weren't even in the 22. That's where it came from. There were some poignant moments throughout the week. I don't think a lot of guys will forget Jerry Flannery handing out the jerseys yesterday at the captain's meeting.'

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