Brazilians recreate Cruyff penalty to show Pires and Henry how it's done

Everyone remembers Robert Pires and Thierry Henry's 2005 botched attempt to recreate Johan Cruyff's famous penalty for Ajax in 1982. Cruyff passed the ball to team-mate Jesper Olsen who drew the keeper and then passed back to Cruyff to tap into an empty net.

Two Brazilian players decided to try the move last weekend during América's game with Ideal and were more successful than the ex-Arsenal pair. Euller passed the ball to Douglas who ran from the edge of the box to slot the ball past the keeper.

While most people credit Cruyff with inventing this unorthodox way to take a penalty it actually seems to have been invented by the Belgian striker Henri 'Rik' Coppens. With people looking for a name for this type of peno why not christen it a 'Coppens'?

Euller/Douglas penalty Pires/Henry penalty
Cruyff penalty The original 'Coppens'

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