Brazil 2 – 0 Rep Ireland

When you think of Brazilian football you think of flair and great players such as Pele and Socrates. They not only play the beautiful game how it was intended but they’ve also won the World Cup more times than any another nation, proving that winning can be done in style (take note Capello). When Brazil won the World Cup is the US in 1994 their captain was water-carrier Dunga – the opposite of the flamboyant style Brazil were famed for. He’s now their manager and a lot of sceptics have complained about Brazil's current ‘safe’ play and lack of creativity.

Londoners were lucky to witness Brazil in 3D glory last night (Mar 2) when they entertained the Republic of Ireland at the Emirates Stadium. Brazil won the friendly comfortably 2-0, taking the lead in the 44th minute with an own goal ( a deflection to be fair) off Keith Andrews. But it was Man City flop Robinho who showed the only display of Brazilian flair when he completed a liquid football move in the 76th minute.

During his 76 minutes on the pitch Robinho proved that he was worthy of his British transfer record of £32.5m: it’s just a shame that Manchester City fans only truly witnessed it when he wasn't playing for them. But will Brazil fans really care how their team play if they can make it 6 World Cups?

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