Bradley ready for Tour

Ahead of the Tour De France, Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins has said he isn’t feeling any pressure, despite being the race favourite. It hasn’t affected his preparation, although there is a far higher degree of media interest than in the past.

Writing in The Guardian, Wiggins admitted that being Tour favourite marks surprising progress since the Olympic gold medallist devoted his attention to road-racing. "Who would have imagined that five years ago when all I was hoping for was perhaps a time trial stage win?" he wrote. "I don't look at it as pressure. It's a matter of continuing what we've been doing since Paris-Nice. The wins so far have happened within the training we've been doing and there's no reason to think that won't continue when I roll down the start ramp in Liège."

The training, the intense preparation, the race experience are all behind him. Now it’s just a question of maintaining peak fitness and mental preparation for the first stages of the Tour. For Wiggins there’s a sense that this is what he’s been preparing for all his life.

"I love the history of the sport and I realise what it would mean to win the Tour de France, which is why I have made all the sacrifices I have in the last two years. It's hard not to imagine what might be but for now, it's about being level-headed and thinking rationally: there is a long process to go through in the next six weeks and I have to take it one day at a time."

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