Boy or girl?

Posh has long spoken of her desire to add a girl to her family of boys, but last night's live interview with Jimmy Fallon brought us no closer to discovering an answer to the potentially earth shattering question - is Vicky having a boy or a girl?

In an interview with Fallon on US TV, Vicky said, 'The bizarre thing is that the tabloids think they know the sex of the baby before we do. We have no idea, so it is kind of scary, how do they know?...We don’t know, we might find out though, we are excited. It will either be a boy to add to the three boys we have and we will have half of a five-aside football team if you add in David. We have so much testosterone in our house it is crazy.’

Before Vicky's pregnancy was announced, she told Vogue mangazine, 'Maybe one day another baby, but at this stage I think the chances of having a girl are quite slim.’

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