Are you searching for an up-to-date boxing schedule?

If you're a boxing fan, you'll know how important it can be to know who's fighting who and where. It can be a challenge to always be in front of the telly, or knowing where to see your favourite boxer in action. One site makes it a lot easier, and if you're looking for a boxing schedule this is where you need to go.

Fightnights.com is becoming the resource for everything boxing related and if you're looking for a specific boxing schedule on TV, all you need to do is click on the service you're interested in. The site lists This Week, HBO, Showtime, ESPN Fight Nights, PPV Schedules, Las Vegas Schedules, Azteca TV, and the Sky Sports Schedule, to name a few. The handy 'fightcard of the week' section shows you at a glance who is fighting who and what kind of match it is.

Scrolling down the site will show you the latest results, so you'll never miss out on the outcome of a match even if you couldn't watch it live. The latest results on the site at the time of writing included results for the 3rd of September 2011, so it's easy to see that this site is updated constantly.

The site also has a boxing news section, and this will help keep you up to date on the happenings in the world of boxing. This is particularly important if you like wagering something on a match. The boxer records section may also come in handy, especially if you want to check a boxer's record and statistics.

Bookmark this one, because if you're a boxing fan you'll end up using it frequently!

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