Where to buy the best boxing rings

Buying a boxing rings is a big decision and not a purchase which should be taken lightly. However if you are part of a boxing club or group and feel that you are ready to make the investment into a quality boxing ring of your own then you could do worse than begin your search online.

As this is a long-term investment you will need your ring to match the best on the market in terms of quality, functionality and design.

Boxing Rings – www.boxing-ring.eu – offers complete boxing rings ready for ‘international matches’. The Czech-based company offers the option of purchasing a ring from serial production or you may have a ring built for your individual needs.

The outer ring dimensions are7,5 x 7,5 m, the inside rope area of the ring is 6,1 x 6,1 m and complete weight of the ring including accessories is circa 1450kg. What makes this service stand out is the way it allows your new ring to advertise your club or company by applying the sponsor’s logo on the canvas, ring ropes, corner pads and advertisement triangles, based on your design.

If you would rather purchase your ring closer to home, try Boxing Rings UK - http://www.boxingringsuk.com/BringsUk/home.html. Through this site, all new boxing rings are available for delivery in 10 working days. The company makes all its own rings, and offers a variety of services including NMA cages, competition hire, training rings as well as offering rings for hire. A free repair service is also offered for extra peace of mind.

Wherever you buy, make sure you get the best boxing rings for your money and turn your workout into an electric boxing experience.

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